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The Texas Surf & Wake Showdown
- Marine Creek / Fort Worth, TX - Aug 21-24
Come say what's up to Chelsea and I - we will be helping run the wakeboard contest and if we have free time we will head over to the close by Cowtown Wake Park to log in some laps!  Can't wait to see y'all.

Event Schedule

Thursday August 21st

  • Texas Surf and Wake Showdown Clinic Day!
  • Times will be announced the closer we get to the event due to registrations

Friday August 22nd

  • Rider’s meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m.
  • Competition Day #1
  • Wake surfing will be held in the morning
  • Wakeboarding will be held in the afternoon
  • Times will be posted closer to event due to registrations

Saturday August 23rd

  • Competition Day #2
  • Wake surfing will be held in the morning
  • Wakeboarding will be held in the afternoon
  • Times will be posted closer to event due to registrations
  • Tige Owners Luncheon will be held during the break between wake surfing and wakeboarding

Sunday August 24th

  • Competition Day #3
  • Wake surfing and Wakeboarding Finals
  • Times TBA
  • Texas Surf and Wake Showdown Awards
  • Endless Wave Tour Overall Awards

All riders will be giving an allotted time for their competition event, once we receive those times we will share them so that everyone knows when their runs will be. Everyone must be present for the rider’s meeting if they plan on competing. If they do not attend, they will forfeit their entrée fee and their place.

Links for more info & to sign up

2014 is a new year for us Beaumont Locals & for everyone who enjoyed making SETx Wake and the Mid-Summer Classic happen - cap'n! 

I'm sure if you keep up with the local wake scene then you've heard that our beloved private wake lake is no longer available for lease.  New ownership forced us to part ways with our little nugget of paradise, thus leaving us with a plethora of local waterways and regional wake-parks to continue spotlighting the wake related movement for Southeast Texas.  Remember, it's not what you don't have... it's what you do have that counts!

The private lake was #awesome to have for so many years; we have Don Burnett to thank for that!  A, or should I say, The SETx Wakeboarding founder, Mr. Burnett made sure we had a place to incubate & hone our riding & event hosting skills.  We never would have made it without Big Don.  2014 is the first in 13 years that we did not host our annual Mid-Summer Classic wakeboard tournament.  Typically calm yet never peaceful - and always completely private, for over a decade "Don's Pond" & the SETx MSC was the happening place for folks in the heat of the summer.  We had so much support for our "little" wake contest; we were (& still are) blown away by all of the love shown & contributions received.  Texas (& yes Louisiana too) have the best, most kind-hearted people in the world- I'm sure of it!     

#Wakeboard #wakeskate & #wakesurf  - we #LOVE you all!  Continue doing what you do,  and we will see you on the water soon! 

- Neches River
- Taylor's Bayou
- Cow Bayou
- Sabine River
- Lake Houston & Upper San Jac ( what up Cramm!)
- Lower San Jacinto River  ( Shout out to the Harrelson's!)
- San Bernard River ( hey Whitey - hey Leah!)
- Trinity River ( hey RJr & BCR!)

- WakeNation (Houston) - approx. 105 mins away
- Cajun X Cables (Lafayette) - approx. 120 mins away

- Elliott & Chelsea Dollar

RESULTS: 2013 SETx MSC POWERED by Tigè Boats!

BIG THANKS to everyone who came out on June 8th and supported the 2013 SETx MSC powered by Tigè Boats!  We couldn't do it without you.  See more photos by Randy Edwards here:

Real Quick:  The wake on the Tigè Z3 was ridiculous!  Thanks again to Eagle Marine in Fort Worth and Texas Tigè in Conroe!  Both dealerships donated a lot of hard work, effort and financial contributions to help produce this years event.  It would not have happened without these Texas-made wake making machines, so y'all make sure to check out Tigè Boats - top quality for sure!

June 8:
The 2013 SETx MSC POWERED by Tigè Boats!

We're looking at our 11th consecutive year of hosting a classic style wakeboard tournament in Southeast Texas!  Armed with an epic arrangement of entertaining events, SETx Wakeboarding has teamed up with many of today's hottest action-sports brands to bring you to BEAUMONT for a weekend of fun, riding, sunshine & many mid-summer memories!  Get ready for five HIGH IMPACT wakeboard rounds behind the new Tigè Boats, but don't worry, Red Bull Houston will help us beat the heat so we can keep this #shredfestival energized into the night! 

 Wakeboarders and Friends, just days before the event, the lake is looking awesome and feeling fresh!  The water temps are so nice.  Y'all pray for good weather and make sure to plan & pack accordingly for June 8.  We'll show you a good time.  Remember, FREE ADMISSION FOR SPECTATORS and $30 entry fee for wake contest.  Easy enough, right?  Camp at the lake or seek shelter at a local hotel.  Bring it!

Visit for more information on the surrounding city of Beaumont.

Agenda highlights include: 

-  Wakeboard Competition (novice, advanced, expert, outlaw and wakeskate). 
-  Stand up Jet-ski Demo by Freestyle World Champion Daniel Martin! 
-  Red Bull's MXT vehicle will be JAMMING quality tunes ALL-DAY & NIGHT! 
-  Special performance by ATX Hip Hop artist and "SETx Local at heart" Collin Gee brought to you by Stamina Co.!!! 
-  Billabong Bikini Contest
-  Red Bull Threestyle DJ Kyle Berg and SETx local guest DJs.

Click here for more info...

Word on the street is: The new Tigè Z1 will be brimmed-out & pumpin' solid, clean wakes for those lucky Mid-Summer Classic Competitors!  For a glimpse at this elusive wake-makin' machine, check out the video and view the specs; also available on Tigè.com

Authorized Tigè Dealers, Texas Tigè Marine & Eagle Marine both are bringing boats to Beaumont, so we're excited to showcase Texas born-and-bred wake-specific watercraft!  Tigè Boats was founded in 1991 in California. In 1994, the company moved its headquarters and manufacturing facility to Abilene, Texas, where it is currently located.

Here are some screenshots from Tigè.com


JAN. 11, 2013:  JB O'Neill / Interview

Check out for an up-close and personal encounter with the 2012 SETx MSC Champ!  He's building some steam folks.  Watch out!

JUNE 25, 2012  SETx 10th EDITION Mid-Summer Classic

***WOW, what an event!  The 10th MSC was one for the books.  Legendary in the minds of most, once again the SETx MSC proves to be a stomping ground for wake enthusiasts who hail from Texas and the surrounding states.  Boardshorts, bikinis, big-air and BIG-FUN were the topic of the weekend.  We had stand up paddle-bo

ards, an inflatable Aqua Glide park, ELEPHANT rides, fireworks and even a Cessna Seaplane land and take-off this weekend on our home lake in Rose City, TX. 

Event stats reveal 70 total competitors and approximately 1000 spectators throughout the day.  The level of support SETx received for this event was unprecedented!  We want to send a special thanks to our sponsors, partners and to everyone who helped make the 2012 MSC happen.
To all the SETx Crew who helped manage the event and to each of the 70 competitors who showed up to support the 10th MSC, I can't tell you how much we appreciate it!

10th SETx MSC Tournament Results:

1. J.B. ONeill - Austin, TX
2. Erik Nikstad - Humble, TX
3. Eric Deegan - Kingwood, TX
1. Ty Morlang - Lake Tapawingo, MO
2. Brennan Thompson - Ruston, LA
3. Caleb Fauntleroy - St. Martinville, LA

1. Luke Romero - Lafayette, LA
2. Billy Garcia - Austin, TX
3. Caden Welch - Katy, TX


1. Reagan Strickland - Waco, TX
2. Kyle Smith - Houston, TX
3. Brandon Lamber - n/a

1. Bil Wood - n/a
2. Charles Gladney - Baton Rouge, LA
3. Colby Owen - Montgomery, TX
Billabong Bikini Contest Winner - Stormie Grimes - Kingwood, TX

other media links for MSC 2012 coverage include:

JUNE 23, 2012
  SETx 10th EDITION Mid-Summer Classic


.2011: The 9th annual SETx Mid-Summer Classic RECAP:

JUNE 25, 2011: SETx Mid-Summer Classic (RESULTS)

1. Eric Deegan
(1st pass)
- hs stalefish glide
- backboard on the SETx 70ft flat-bar
- ts seat-belt grab batwing
- sw ts nose grab 720    *Nice!
- sw hs roll-2-blind
- slim chance
- sw hs off-axis 540
(2nd pass)
- melon grab moby dick
- ts nuclear grab back-roll
- melon skeezer 540 (fall)
- melon skeezer
- sw ts 900 (fall)

2. Justin Harrelson
(1st pass)
- sw hs off-axis 540 into the flats
- frontside lipslide on the SETx flat-bar
- hs stalefish backside 180
- ts fs melon 540
- tantrum-2-blind
- ts bs indy 180
- whirly
- air-roll
(2nd pass)
- s-bend
- tootsie roll
- skeezer (fall)
- skeezer
- ts 720 (fall)
- wrapped hs fs off-axis 360 to rewind bs 180 (fall) *cool points!*

3. Kyle Deubner

(1st pass)
- raley
- ts stalefish batwing (fall)
- scarecrow *big
- hs tail grab back-roll
- ts nuclear back-roll
- hs fs off-axis nose 540
(2nd pass)
- half-cab mute glide
- whirlybird
- melon crowmobe (fall)
- ts fs indy 360
- hs roll-2-revert
- scarecrow *repeat
- hs fs oa 360
- hs fs 540 (fall)

1. Ty Morlang
2. Erik Nikstad
3. Justin O'neill

1. Mitchell Fields
2. Cole Clements
3. Austin Shaffer
1. Caden Welch
2. Storm Selsor
3. Layton Olando

1. Zandon Feemster
2. Kole Kindschuh
3. Chelsea Hammonds

Make sure to visit us on Facebook to see additional photos & videos including links to local media coverage.

(6.28.2010) 2010 SETx Mid-Summer Classic RECAP

SETx Wakeboarding proves once again that the Mid-Summer Classic is a top-tier grassroots event.  From the Friday night Pre-Party in Downtown Beaumont to the exceptional weather conditions on Saturday, each of our 66 competitors and over 500 spectators thoroughly enjoyed our private lake for the weekend. 

Darryl Moore's Marine provided the Malibu Boats which kicked up quality wakes for each division.  Wetsounds hooked up the Mid-Summer Classic with some heavy acoustics and an overall killer vibe.  It was crazy to see it all come together and we definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without these guys.  Much props to our 2010 partners.  We appreciate it!

Among the swimmin', grillin', sun-tannin' & chillin' the RIDIN' at the Mid-Summer Classic was the best we've ever seen.  From the lil rippers in the Novice division, all the way to the semi-pro Outlaws, we definitely saw an increase
in the skill level at this years event.  On more than one occasion, our SETx judges found themselves in a pickle trying to place the top 3 riders in their respective divisions.  Although outcomes could have possibly went a few different directions, these are the results:

Outlaw Winning runs:

1st Place/ Erik Nikstad

Pass 1
- nuclear glide
- batwing (nose grab)
- moby dick (melon grab)
- wrapped ts bs oa 360
- hs fs 540
- half-cab crail glide
- skeezer (FALL)

Pass 2
- sw ts fs 720 (FALL)
- hs fs 720
- crow mobe 540 (melon grab)
- melon glide to fakie

Double-up: hs fs 720 (FALL)

2nd Place/ JB O'neil

Pass 1

- raley to indy
- ts fs oa 540
- tantrum (seat belt grab)
- tootsie
- hs bs 360
- elephant
- hs fs melon 180 (poked)
- big worm
- hs bs 180

Pass 2
- indy shifty fs 180
- crow mobe (FALL)
- moby dick
- ts bs 180
- hs bs 180 (nose grab)
- ts fs 180 (indy grab/ poked)

Double-up: Tantrum-2-Blind

3rd Place/ Justin Harrelson

Pass 1
- indy half-cab
- tantrum (indy grab)
- tootsie
- skeezer
- crow mobe
- tantrum-2-blind
- air roll-2-revert

Pass 2

- s-bend
- ts bs 180 (indy grab)
- hs bs 540 (FALL)

Double-up: hs fs oa 360